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WATER PAINTING, was a natural departure for me into another creative world after so many encounters with Southern Ontario's beautiful landscapes. As I would mountain bike or cross country ski various trails, I felt the need to express what I saw through water painting.

I have indulged in water painting for almost three years now. I find it to be a peaceful time, a time that allows me to escape to an atmosphere of inspiration and creativity. The result has been six paintings which I gladly share with you. As a Canadian living in Canada, I am proud to show case some of what Canada has to offer.

Adding to this gallery is always a function of my free time! My goal is to add a diverse set of various landscapes and selected items in nature that broadens one's understanding of how beautiful Canada is. Please check on my site in the future for new paintings!

Below is my current water painting gallery. Please click on each respective thumbnail to view each water painting at a larger size.

holly hocks boat on shore tulips
winter lighthouse summer garden

Xavier De Pinto
1737 Lawrence Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario
M1R 2X7

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