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Bar Brasserie - Paris, FranceFRANCE, an international destination that is rich in cultural locations, historic structures and religious sites. I have captured some of this during my travels through France. To view each photo at a larger size, please click on the respective thumbnail.

For more information of France, please visit the official French tourist web site at

France Gallery
Seine River Parisian Cafe Hotel In Lourdes Lourdes Hotel Mount Of The Martyrs Notre Dame Basilica Of Lourdes Street In Paris
Avignon Palace Entrance Seine River Paris Shop Cafe In Paris Pharmacy in Paris Avignon Paris Art District
Seine River Paris Cafe Gargoyle at Avignon Gargoyle at Avignon Flooded Avignon Street La Rhone River Seine River
Seine River Lourdes City Hall A door In Lourdes Avignon Palace Lourdes Avignon Palace Avignon Palace Shop in Paris
Puo River Avignon Palace Avignon Palace Paris Art District Cross Outside Avignon Church Avignon Bridge Avignon Palace Roof Top Avignon's Gunners Peak

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